Hey, I'm

Ben Grant

I make websites, like this one. I currently work as a software engineer at Conduct.

Dislikes: jQuery

Likes: Graphic design

Experience: 10+ years of web dev, including 5 years in the industry

Recent projects

- Modern Calendar Embed
- Flour - Baker's Companion
- Spectrum Tab Page
- Era
- Mache
- more... Enigma machine
- Pixel Display
- Cookie cat - Discord bot
- Kaneda - Discord bot
- Colorful Life
- Folder Icon Generator
- Blue - Scratch mod
- MAL client for Pebble

Recent design work

- Monash Society for Physics, Astro & Maths brand redesign
- RMIT Blockchain club logo redesign
- RMIT Technology coalition logo redesign
- RMIT CSIT Society brand redesign

Get in touch

I have an email address, or you can check out my other code projects on Github.